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As athletes ourselves, we understand the value of real food that nourish the body and leave you feeling clean and energized. As parents, we want only the best food for our kids. For this reason, we carefully chose the most nutrient dense combination of ingredients for our Raw Crunch bars.

The core ingredients are raw, organic nuts and seeds. Their heart healthy omega 3 & 6 essential fatty acids nourish the body, lubricate the joints and actually promote weight loss.  Rich in fiber, raw nuts and seeds support healthy digestion and help cleanse the body of old toxins. We then added antioxidant-rich organic berries and dark chocolate for their immune boosting properties. Finally a touch of hand-harvested raw honey to hold it all together and a pinch of doctor recommended Celtic Sea Salt.  Of course our bee keepers are passionate about the well-being of their bees.

There you have it, only whole raw food in it’s purest form.  Every Raw Crunch bar is handmade fresh with a personal passion for excellence and quality that only a small cottage manufacturer like us can offer our consumers.

-Ross & Kathy Leveque

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