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It all started 13 years ago, just two newly married athletes looking for a simple way to make real food convenient. We just wanted to let food be food & so Raw Crunch® bars were born, Nature Unchanged™. 
Raw, organic, handmade energy bars derived from nature and not altered in any way. Dehydrated rather than cooked in order to maintain their original concentrated nutrients, enzymes and potent antioxidant. Of course, most importantly, they taste really yummy!
Living in grandma’s basement made it possible to afford renting a
commercial kitchen…talk about motivation. We slowly grew from word of mouth, hired more passionate people, bought equipment, put in hard work, learned from our mistakes, and no matter what we never compromised & never stopped believing in our product.
Now two kids, two dogs, and a pet pig later, we are still dehydrating the same small batches. Call us “old school”, but our bars are, and will always be, hand-mixed, scooped, squished, popped & packaged with a personal passion for excellence in every bar!

Thanks a Crunch,
Kathy & Ross
“Warning, you may become addicted.”
-The Food Babe, voted by TIME Magazine as the most influential person on the web
“I’m obsessed with Raw Crunch bars!”
-Actress Mary Louise Parker
“Probably the best bar on the market for insulin control.”
-Dr. Mark Hyman, star of movie FED UP
”My new obsession!”
-Kelly Rutherford, GOSSIP GIRL
“Yowza they are good!”
-Joel Harper, celebrity trainer to Dr Oz & Olympic Medalists
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